French and Indian War: Timeline

Northern Events
Western Events
Other Events

French begin construction of forts in West, including Ft. Duquesne (1754)

May 28

Washington defeats French party; builds Fort Necessity


Albany Congress
July 3

Washington defeated at Great Meadows

British victory at Ft. Beauséjour (Nova Scotia)

July 9

Braddock defeated


September Johnson victory at Lake George

September Johnson fails at Crown Point

October Expulsion of Acadians begins


Seven Years' War begins as Britain declares war on France
Washington begins patrolling Western frontier
August 14-15
Montcalm takes Fort Oswego
August 9

Montcalm takes Fort William Henry


William Pitt heads British war effort
July Abercromby fails at Fort Carillon

July 27 Amherst takes Louisbourg

August 27 Bradstreet takes Fort Frontenac

November 25 Forbes occupies Fort Duquesne

1759: "The Year of Victories"
June Siege of Québec begins

June 26

Johnson at Fort Niagara
July-August Amherst at Ticonderoga and Crown Point

September 13 Fall of Québec

October Rogers' Rangers raid St. Francis Abenaki

September 8 Montreal surrenders


George III dismisses Pitt
July 31
Battle of Bloody Run

August 5-6
Battle of Bushy Run

Treaty of Paris signed

See Indian Wars Time Table .

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