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European Theater of Operations (ETO)

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European Theater
... war see the Brief History of WWII e-text."] See also: Pacific Theater | European Theater North Africa | Sicily | Italy | D-Day | Northern France | Southern France Operation Market-Garden | Battle of the Bulge | Germany 2001-2004 Interesting ...

The European Theater
(WW201.JPG - 79-AR-82 - 92K) (Address to Congress by President Roosevelt) (Statement of resolution being signed) The European Theater The Eastern Front The Southern Front The Western Front The pages of this site are always being tweaked ...

HyperWar: European Theater of Operations--Contents
... Part 2 (December 1944 to May 1945) United States Army in World War II--European Theater of Operations: The Supreme Command Logistical Support of the Armies, Vol. I Logistical Support of the Armies, Vol. II History of United ...