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George Washington received unanimous support in the Electoral College in 1792. His second term, however, was troubled by continuing partisan strife and also by deepening foreign policy issues. Washington declared American neutrality as warfare swept Europe in the wake of the French Revolution, resisted the efforts of Citizen Edmond GenÍt to entangle American in those wars, and negotiated the highly successful Pinckney's Treaty with Spain and the nearly disastrous Jay's Treaty with Britain.

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George Washington
1977); Schwartz, Barry, George Washington (1987). Name: George Washington 1st President of the United States (1789-97) Nickname: "Father of His Country". Born: Feb. 22, 1732, Pope's Creek, Va. Profession: Soldier, Planter. Religious Affiliation ...

George Washington
Photo of the George Washington's Survey from "George Washington: The Man Behind the Myths Exhibit" at the Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center - October 7, 2000 - by: Zachary, Baker Elementary School, Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania. Washington ...

George Washington
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