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Uncas became the founder of the Mohegan branch of the Pequot in 1635 when he parted ways from his father-in-law, Sassacus.

Uncas was renowned as a warrior, allying his forces with the English colonists in the Pequot War (1637) and defeating the rival Narragansett in 1643. Relations with the colonists were strained in 1661 when Uncas fought against Massasoit and the Wampanoag, who were also English allies.

The name of Uncas was used as a fictionalized character in James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans (1826).

See Indian Wars Time Table.

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Connecticut's Heritage Gateway
  Ben Uncas (c. 1588-c. 1683) Peal, Arthur L.  Uncas and the Mohegan-Pequot. Boston, 1935. The author was once president of the Archaeological Society of America. Slight bibliography; no citations. Mostly legends; some narrative. Stone, William ...

Uncas slips the swung musket, but it catches his elbow. Uncas' musket falls. Before it hits the ground his tomahawk is out and hacks Four over the edge ... MAGUA running forward past Five, confronts Uncas head on. It's incredibly fast. UNCAS ...

CCR: Index: Volume 3 --> Letter U
... to be perambulated Uncas asks that Oweneco may act for him agreement between Uncas and the general court difference with Lyme, about the Paugwonk lands orders about lands and bounds report on the Mohegan bounds report on the title of Uncas to ...