The Regulator Movement in South Carolina

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A Regulator movement developed in the 1760s in western South Carolina among groups interested in establishing law and order. Outlaw gangs had formed in the area and the assembly failed on several occasions to provide funding for peace officers and local courts.

Organizations of citizens were formed to regulate governmental affairs and eventually operated the courts in some districts. The governor and assembly realized the legitimacy of Regulators' cause and in 1769 enacted legislation providing for the necessary reforms.

A somewhat different form of "Regulator movement" existed at roughly the same time in North Carolina.

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The North Carolina Regulators
Abuses in the collection of exorbitant fees by public officers, and in permitting the sheriffs and tax-collectors to delay the payment of public moneys, produced an association of the poorer colonists, who claimed that they were being overtaxed ... ...

South Carolina Public Records Storage Regulations
... govern the standards for facilities in which the public records of South Carolina are housed. They define minimum, low-cost standards for providing the most basic care and protection for public records. The standards apply to (1) existing ...

Regulator movement. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
In South Carolina, the Regulator movement was an organized effort by backcountry settlers to restore law and order and establish institutions of local government. Plagued by roving bands of outlaws and angered by the assembly’s failure to provide ...