Original Inhabitants of South Carolina

The presence of early Native Americans in present-day South Carolina is evidenced in the presence of ceremonial mounds that had been built by the Mississippian culture or Mound Builders. At the time of European settlement, native occupants included the Yamasee of the Muskogean language group, the Catawba of the Siouan group and the Cherokee of the Iroquoian group.

The Yamasee persuaded other Native Americans to join them in ridding the area of white settlers in the Yamasee War of 1715. They were unsuccessful and were driven from the area.

The Catawba maintained generally positive relations with the English settlers in the area, but soon saw their numbers dwindle through infectious disease and tribal warfare. A Catawba community remains in South Carolina today.

See Indian Wars Time Table .
Native American Cultural Regions map .

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