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Expansion of the Navy

The American navy had gone into steep decline in the years following the Civil War. Little new building was undertaken and many existing ships were badly deteriorated.

In 1882, funds were appropriated for construction of the first all-steel ships, earning for President Chester Arthur the nickname "Father of the American navy."

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Chester Arthur
... of Israel Other Links About Historycentral Advertise Contact US Chester Arthur Chester Arthur, who before his elevation to the Presidency was considered the very epitome of patronage politics, had ashis major accomplishment the reform of ...

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How was Chester Arthur able to use his position at the Customs House to support the Stalwart Republicans? Presidential Years 1. What was the reaction of the public to the succession of Chester Arthur to the presidency? 2. What was the political ...

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His administration is also credited with the modernization of the American Navy. These actions alienated his former supporters and left the Republican Party in total disunity. Arthur was virtually a president without party support. He was also ...


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