Ethan Allen Grave and Monument

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The Ethan Allen grave and monument is located in the beautiful Green Mount Cemetery in the historic Burlington.

Overlooking the Winooski Valley, the memorial was erected in 1873 to honor Ethan Allen, one of the founding fathers of Vermont and leader of the Green Mountain Boys. It took just about a century to complete this beautiful work over the grave of the American Revolutionary War hero.

The eight-foot statue and the 35-foot granite column make the monument the tallest and most prominent one in the state. The whole structure stands upon a solid foundation of marvelous stone work.

The Tuscan granite column and its base was designed by writer, philosopher, and statesman George Perkins Marsh.---- Selected Quotes ----

Quotes regarding Ethan Allen Grave and Monument.

By Kenneth S. Davis
Without the loss of a single life, with a casual and even comic air wholly incommensurate with the importance of the event, Ethan Allen’s expedition reduced three key British strongpoints — Ticonderoga, Crown Point, and St. Johns in the north (for the latter was impotent so long as the Americans controlled the lake) — and obtained for the American cause what was, for its time and place, an immense booty.
American Heritage magazine, 1963

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1983); "Allen, Ethan" Encarta Encyclopedia '99. © 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. © Copyright "The American Revoulution Home Page" - Ronald W. McGranahan 1998 - 2004. All Rights Reserved ...

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